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A large-capacity coolant processing system was needed along with the development of automated machine tool line in the automobile industry.
The automated machine tool line was originally used in the field of casting-iron process and later, it was used also in the processing of aluminum products along with the adoption of aluminum alloy parts.
At that time, the paper filter, chip conveyor and magnet separator were used for the processing unit of coolant, but they were not good enough for large-capacity processing.
The large-capacity processing device was initially developed in the US and the technology was further developed in Japan after the 1960s.
The centralized filtering system, as the system operating automatically by combining the sludge discharge conveyor, coolant tank and machine supply pump systematically, was needed in the mass production field that has produced limited products as in the automobile industry.
1. Saving equipment investments and operational expenses
2. Saving the installation space of equipment
3. Reliable quality
4. Saving the maintenance and management expenses
5. Saving work hours in processing the machined chips
6. Preventing expansion of machined chips
7. Extending the life of coolant
1. It should be possible to supply the coolant needed in a machine tool with the least amount of power.
2. The repair/maintenance should be convenient by simplifying the device structure.
3. No sludge should be accumulated within the tank.
4. This should obtain a certain level of filtering precision without generating wastes like filter paper.
This is the method that discharges the chips and coolant discharged from machine tool to the dirty tank by installing it below the floor.
Pump-bag type
This refers to the method that discharges the chips and coolant discharged from machine tool to the dirty tank through the installed pipe by using the coolant pump.
Semi (ground-type)
Intermediate type between stand-alone type and centralized type
Chip Conveyor
Hydraulic unit
Chip Processing System
Coolant Fitering System
Machine Tool