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¤ıThis device is primarily used in processing the chips discharged when using the vertical CNC lathe and is also appropriate
   for processing large CHP, short chip and press scrap.
¤ıAs a special scraper type, this does not cause a chip caught in a process.
¤ıThis can be made in a specially curved type of multiple facilities according to the layout.
¤ıCan protect the conveyor by attaching a torque limit for overload protection.
¤ıProduct developed from long experience and consistent R&D efforts
¤ıThe coolant tank can be produced as an option.
Model W1
Tilt Angle(¢ª) Speed (M/min)
CIC-300 500 600
250 270 3500 0.75 5.0
CIC-400 500 330 4000
CIC-500 600 320 390 4500 1.5
CIC-600 600 450 5000
Chip Conveyor
Hydraulic unit
Chip Processing System
Coolant Fitering System
Machine Tool