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Ace Mech Co., Ltd. (AMECO) not only has protected the previous production facilities
of customer such as machine tool and machining center by commercializing the auxiliary devices like HYD power unit, chip conveyor and centralized scrap processing unit through consistent R&D (like the registrations of utility model patent) for over 20 years in the past but also has contributed to the improvements of productivity, quality and environmental area.

Ace Mech Co., Ltd. (AMECO) as a company certified for ISO 9001 has tried to minimize the inconveniences of customer by establishing a corporate R&D center in order to provide quality products and fast repair/maintenance services through designing, manufacturing and test-operating the auxiliary devices of machine tools.

AMECO, in relation to the high-precision coolant system of various machining center equipments and centralized coolant system of automation equipments, is always trying hard to raising the competitive power of manufacturers by protecting valuable equipments as well as improving productivity through designing, manufacturing and installing the facilities appropriate for various needs.

Currently, AMECO is producing the OEM-based CNC lathes and automation equipments.

- Raise customer satisfaction while valuing the advanced product quality planning (APQP) process.
- Achieve the management goals by renovating the technology.
- Secure competitiveness by changing our mind.
- Make the best company through management renovation.

- Clean management
- Consistent R&D
- Investment for building technical manpower
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